Medical Gases

SUMER designs and manufactures scientific fueloline structures from supply to affected person, to supply and enforce gases utilized in healthcare centers. The important gases utilized in hospitals are oxygen, scientific air and vacuum. All those gases are despatched to the status quo thru a piping community that complies with the cutting-edge requirements and are then introduced to sufferers thru Oxygen remedy devices, scientific fueloline outlets, ceiling pendants or mattress head units. NOVAIR structures produce: MEDICAL OXYGEN In healthcare centers, scientific oxygen is essential. Distributed each withinside the affected person's room and withinside the working or resuscitation rooms, this oxygen should be strictly managed to conform with the cutting-edge requirements. European requirements require that a clinic be supplied with 3 reassets of oxygen, which might also additionally consist of generators (number one and secondary reassets) and a backup supply in cylinders, or a generator (important supply) and cylinders ramps (emergency reassets).



Medical air is a fueloline for scientific use in particular used for :
Aerosol remedy and ventilatory therapies
Inhalation anesthesia
As an opportunity to supplemental oxygen
Drying scientific equipment
The operation of surgical instruments





In affected person rooms, working theaters or extensive care units,
healthcare centers want scientific vacuum to aspire. Medical vacuum is devoted to:
Ensure the surgical drainage of pleural or pericardial effusions for example
Declutter the airlines or gastric sufferers through aspiration.
The facility should additionally make certain that each one anesthetic gases
withinside the ambient air of the working theaters are extracted thru the correct
Medical vacuum is acquired through a scientific tool CE composed of vacuum pumps
and filtration structures. Medical air is produced on webweb page from dried compressed
air and filtered. All of those gases are introduced to the ability thru a pipeline community
that meets cutting-edge requirements and are then introduced to sufferers thru oxygen
remedy devices, scientific fueloline outlets, ceiling pendants or mattress head units.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology


Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is used with specially developed adsorbents called zeolites to separate oxygen from nitrogen to be able to use pure oxygen in many applications. First, air is compressed up to 10 bars with the help of compressors, then air is dried out to remove the moisture in the air. Filtration takes place thereafter to filter out the remaining particles, aerosol and oil which is in the pressurized air stream. Carbon Tower ensures long term oil free oxygen delivery. PSA unit consists two tanks filled with zeolites. Each column undergoes cyclic sequence of pressurization, generation, equalization and exhaust cycles for continuous flow of high purity oxygen.




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